Window Washing
~ Residential, Commercial, Construction Clean up

Our methods of window cleaning are sure to get the dirtiest of windows cleaned with the use of top of the line cleaning agents and guaranteed window safe scrub brushes.

We also use purified water technology on the jobs that might be hard to get with a ladder, cleaning windows with purified water will leave your glass spot free.

We specialize in Residential window cleaning around the brainerd lakes area. other areas we cover include crosslake, aitkin, deerwood.

We offer both commercial and residental window cleaning, when it comes to residental we typically wash twice a year sometimes more than that depending on what your needs are.we offer inside and/or outside service.we clean all shapes and sizes of windows.

We also service all sorts of commercial propertys such as storefronts, banks, car dealers, and more. we guarantee our work!

We are fully insured so you know your property is in safe hands.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to bring the life back into your House, Driveway, Deck (Composite or Real wood) and more.
we make sure that the proper amount of pressure is used to avoiud any damage.
EX. If we were to wash your driveway we would use alot more pressure compared to your deck that is wood.Fully insured so you can have peace of mind.

House Cleaning

We offer exterior house cleaning by using a low pressure washing system we carefully remove any debris, mildew, and dirt that may be found on your home.

By using a higher pressure on your driveway or sidewalks you would not believe the diffrence it will make. leaving a like new finish that you forgot was under all of that dirt and scum.

Overtime decks can encounter all sorts of diffrent stains and discolorment, which is no suprise considering all of the elements that minnesota has to offer. by using a low pressure setting we can bring that wood back to its natural beauty.

We base our pricing from the number of panes of glass you have, and then we take into consideration any extensive ladder work that might be needed and then put together a real basic and straight forward estimate.

Give us a call today and we will gladly come out and take a look!! 320-291-0832

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